Archives: A jumping-off point

Few locations in Central Alberta are photographed as frequently as the East Coulee¬†bridge. It serviced trains and vehicles crossing the Red Deer River and provided access and service to two mines.¬†Both mines were left to rot when the coal-mining industry dried up but the Atlas has been turned into an historical site. The bridge is… Continue reading Archives: A jumping-off point

From the archives: High River before the floods

Way way back in 2010, I was still playing slopitch. I had, however, started to nurture my newer hobbies: photography and exploring. They were becoming more important to me than sitting at the Okotoks ball diamonds and drinking beer in between tournament games. And it’s when I started to develop a love for the smaller… Continue reading From the archives: High River before the floods

One long day

My legs are shaking like a leaf. Now. Now that the 2.5-hour drive on a donut tire and through a blinding snowstorm is over. A day spent ghost-towning — mostly fruitlessly — lasted three hours longer than it should have. When I jumped back onto the Trans-Canada Highway, exiting the former town known as Alderson,… Continue reading One long day

On deadline

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. It’s the mantra of procrastinators around the world. Wait … let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to work and writing, I don’t miss a deadline. I stare that stone-cold bitch in the eyes and I turn her into a whimpering pile of tears.… Continue reading On deadline

It’s a big world

I haven’t been posting enough pictures. I shot this at Edworthy Park on Saturday with my new Tamron 10-20. I’m lovin’ this wide-angle lens and how the results make me feel so tiny in this great big world. Click the pic to see the original size.