No trespassing: A followup on the Kelowna hippie commune

I never wonder why I do this. I’m intrigued by the history of the areas I live in, how people lived in another time, and why they up and leave their homes, abandoning what may have been precious items. I make up stories in my head, some of them inspired by Criminal Minds episodes, and… Continue reading No trespassing: A followup on the Kelowna hippie commune

Do you see enough?

I try to take a 360-degree approach when I’m out exploring and taking pictures. I take some shots of what I see, then turn and turn and turn, making sure I don’t miss anything. Some places draw me back for more. Dorothy, the Atlas Mine and Rawley are my Alberta favourites. I’m keeping a mental… Continue reading Do you see enough?

Time travelling to junior high

I’d already been yelled at once. When I heard footsteps behind me, I thought, ‘oh great, here we go again.’ I wasn’t in trouble. The fellow seemed rather pleasant, so I asked, ‘oh dear, am I trespassing?’ Yep, I sure was. I apologized profusely and thought I should leave, but the fellow was in the… Continue reading Time travelling to junior high

The other ghost town named Bodie

Bodie is a popular ghost town in California. It’s a state historic park and it’s known as the most well-perserved ghost town in the state. Bodie, Calif., is on my bucket list. So when someone mentioned recently they’d been for a day drive to Bodie, I got confused. (If you’re a regular reader of our… Continue reading The other ghost town named Bodie

A look back on simpler times in Douglas

It had already been a long day. I was without my co-pilot, heading to Vancouver for a conference and playing catchup with some friends. I was late leaving Vancouver on Wednesday and thought it would be a nice drive through the Cascades, dodging the logjam of Seattle commuters on their way from work. I wasn’t… Continue reading A look back on simpler times in Douglas

Where’s the gold?

What do you plan on doing in Oroville? No U.S. border guard asks this question without an eyebrow raised and a hint of surprise in his voice. Most people who cross the 49th parallel at Osoyoos-Oroville are bound for other places … Spokane, Seattle and beyond. For me and my American, however, it’s our halfway… Continue reading Where’s the gold?

A little town called Molson

I didn’t give the sign a second thought. It said Molson Museum. What would anything related to Molson beer be doing stuck in The Middle of Nowhere, Washington State, United States of America … other than possibly cans tossed out of a British Columbia pickup truck? This Canadian (nationality, not the beer brand) gal didn’t… Continue reading A little town called Molson

On deadline

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. It’s the mantra of procrastinators around the world. Wait … let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to work and writing, I don’t miss a deadline. I stare that stone-cold bitch in the eyes and I turn her into a whimpering pile of tears.… Continue reading On deadline