A serendipitous encounter

“Hey, miss.” How’s your day? “Awesome! Hey, did you happen to take any pictures of us fishing?” Sure did! “Are you a professional photographer?” I’m trying to be. “Would you be willing to send me one of your pictures? I’ll pay you for it.” I decided this week I need to spend more time with… Continue reading A serendipitous encounter

The journalist, part 2

I’m a terrible driver. At least according to my husband. When I’m driving, my hands tend to follow my head. So, if I’m trying to spy an abandoned barn or house on the side of the road, the car drifts toward the side I’m looking at. This never caused me an issue on the backroads… Continue reading The journalist, part 2

My camera, part 2

I didn’t miss my camera. I was too busy figuring out life in Calgary, life working for a major metro newspaper. Three years after moving to YYC, my life went into a tailspin. Newspapers in Canada started contracting. People lost their jobs. I was one of them. My life as a storyteller, as a journalist,… Continue reading My camera, part 2

My camera, part 1

With the exception of a three-year stint in the aughts, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t taking pictures. I took pictures of our collie, Princess, when she was an adorable puppy. I took pictures for my high school newspaper and yearbook. I took pictures of my dad opening presents at Christmas. I took… Continue reading My camera, part 1