It’s a boy!

This has been a long time coming, right?

It feels like forever since I broke the news that we’d sent the Great Escape off to retire with her new, and probably final, owner.

Some days, I miss the little rattle in the front end when I hit that rough section of the I-90 (you know the one, it’s called the entire friggin’ freeway).

The extra jiggle in my wiggle because, no matter how new the suspension was, the Wee Truck was just old.

Some days, I miss her, remembering all the jaunts we took together,

But then I hold onto my heated steering wheel and remember it was time to let her go.

Yes, folks, meet Eddie.

ford edge

He’s a sharp-lookin’ fella, isn’t he? We brought him home from Wendle Ford on October 30. He’s been a lovely addition to the family and Our American is most impressed with the lane-assist and cruise-control collision features.

Because they keep me safe(r) on the highways when I’m out looking for old barns to take pictures of.

We didn’t take long to break her in. The Great Escape was off on a road trip to Davenport the next weekend &8212; but we’ll tell you more about that one soon.

Bella’s in love, too

This is Bella’s car.

When I bought the Escape in January 2007, it was Shep’s car. And while he passed it on to my girl, you know it was never really hers.

This is all Bella, and she has lots of room in the back seat to roam around from window to window, or flop down for a nap.

Maremma sheepdog spokane

Bella Maremma sheepdog

And I’ve christened it so people know who’s inside.

Trouble is, with something this new and fancy (it’s fancy to me, people!), the only place to park is far, far away from everyone else.

Parking spokane

But that’s OK because most places I go, there’s rarely anyone around but Bella, the barns and the trees.


  1. What a great way to introduce your readers to Bella’s new vehicle. She did a great job in selecting her new “mobile home” for her travels. I look forward to reading about your first adventure driving Eddie.

  2. I like reading your blogs as they have so much new information. I really liked the one where you tod your experience of an escape room as it made me want to go there too.

  3. Good car. Glad your new purchase! Maybe you write a new article and tell us about your experience with this car. We will all be very waiting.

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