It’s unthinkable

Why now?

Why start a blog to write about my fear of flying into a new realm?

I started listening to a new podcast this summer. Jay Acunzo started Unthinkable “to inspire and empower people just like you: craft-driven creators.”

He dives deep into the creative process, asking us all what drives us to create and to share our creative babies. Episode 4, The Muse is an Excuse, is one of my favorites.

Jay interviews Elliott Bell from The Muse and Chase Jarvis, an award-winning photographer, to find out there’s no such thing as a muse. Waiting for her to show up is merely a bullshit excuse for not getting around to doing what you’re good at.

Then there’s the episode with Sarah Cooper, a writer who dropped her high-falutin’ gig with Google to pursue a career with comedy. Sarah spoke about the downside to following your passion, that feeling you get when you realize your passion is a job and an obligation. Let’s dig more into that some other time.

Oh and SIDEBAR: Sarah runs The Cooper Review, a comedic look at office life. I read 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings one night and was able to laugh at my IT guy the next morning.

He drew a Venn diagram. No. 1 on the list.

Anyhow, I tweeted at Jay and told him how much I loved the podcast. He tweeted back. We followed each other.

I was as twitterpated as a newly wed could be.

Several weeks later, Jay tweeted a simple question and I responded:

We chatted for a few minutes and learned we have a similar career path: smalltown sports writer who survived the newspaper world by landing in marketing communications.

Jay wants to make the leap into making his “side hustle” a full-time job. His podcast often explores that idea as he interviews people, like Sarah, who have done it.

He wants to make Unthinkable fly and doggone it if I don’t think it’s everything someone should be investing in.

For Jay, it’s building the base community and being able to sell it.

For me, it’s lacking the confidence.

You know that. That’s why you’re here.

And that’s how Jay inspired this blog. Our brief chat turned into an interview at the end of September and I’ll be the subject of one of Jay’s podcasts, due to be published in November.

Without giving too much away because I want you to listen, I know my voice quavered a bit a few too many times. We talked about some seriously deep shit and, other than job interviews, it was weird for me to be the one answering the questions.

The whole thing got me thinking about a few things:

  • Me? Scared of anything? That’s gotta surprise a few people
  • Can I get better at photography and how do I do that while maintaining a full-time job, a marriage and the responsibility of being a Maremma mama, and then take the leap?
  • Is that really what I want to do? Really really?

Stay tuned.

Maybe you’ll help me figure it all out.


  1. Angela,
    It’s so great to hear you’re going to be on Unthinkable! It’s such a great show and it’s nice to see it’s having an impact!!!

    Here’s to trusting your gut!

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