Five years later

Five equals six.

My American and I celebrated five years together last weekend, and it marked my sixth trip to Hill’s Resort in Priest Lake, Idaho.

Every New Year’s Eve, the Friends of Spokane Valley would head up to the cabin village about two hours north of year. Some friends have grown up, moved on and/or found other things to do.

Four of us — five years after introducing one nutty Canadian and her dog into the mix — remain. It’s a more intimate group of two couples. We play cards, we imbibe with our favourite alcohol and we eat well. We eat very very well.

Hills Lodge lobster


(Sidebar: Yes, that’s Canadian lobster. I always giggle when they tell me it’s “coldwater Canadian lobster” because I come from the province where that lobster was likely harvested and all the water is cold. All the time.)

And we run and jump and play in the snow with our dogs.

Meanwhile, I take pictures.

Pictures of beautiful snowscapes and the lake and, of course, Bella:

Maremma Priest Lake

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