Archives: A jumping-off point

Few locations in Central Alberta are photographed as frequently as the East Coulee¬†bridge. It serviced trains and vehicles crossing the Red Deer River and provided access and service to two mines.¬†Both mines were left to rot when the coal-mining industry dried up but the Atlas has been turned into an historical site. The bridge is… Continue reading Archives: A jumping-off point

From the archives: High River before the floods

Way way back in 2010, I was still playing slopitch. I had, however, started to nurture my newer hobbies: photography and exploring. They were becoming more important to me than sitting at the Okotoks ball diamonds and drinking beer in between tournament games. And it’s when I started to develop a love for the smaller… Continue reading From the archives: High River before the floods

One long day

My legs are shaking like a leaf. Now. Now that the 2.5-hour drive on a donut tire and through a blinding snowstorm is over. A day spent ghost-towning — mostly fruitlessly — lasted three hours longer than it should have. When I jumped back onto the Trans-Canada Highway, exiting the former town known as Alderson,… Continue reading One long day