Back to schools

Nothing lasted very long in Lamoine … or Arup. Unless you want to talk about the schoolhouse. It’s still standing after 100 years. Long after Arup was platted. Long after Arup became Lamoine. And long after Lamoine became deserted when the railroad took a pass on the little town. [av_image src=’×581.jpg’ attachment=’4997′ attachment_size=’large’ align=’center’ styling=”… Continue reading Back to schools

A gem in the middle of nowhere

It’s been all over my Facebook and RSS feeds. Some people tag or DM me and say, “You’d be perfect for this.” I smile and think, “Been there, done that.” Associated Press picked up a recent story from The Missoulian, detailing the droves of volunteers who signed up for the opportunity to spend a month at… Continue reading A gem in the middle of nowhere

Do you see enough?

I try to take a 360-degree approach when I’m out exploring and taking pictures. I take some shots of what I see, then turn and turn and turn, making sure I don’t miss anything. Some places draw me back for more. Dorothy, the Atlas Mine and Rawley are my Alberta favourites. I’m keeping a mental… Continue reading Do you see enough?

Time travelling to junior high

I’d already been yelled at once. When I heard footsteps behind me, I thought, ‘oh great, here we go again.’ I wasn’t in trouble. The fellow seemed rather pleasant, so I asked, ‘oh dear, am I trespassing?’ Yep, I sure was. I apologized profusely and thought I should leave, but the fellow was in the… Continue reading Time travelling to junior high

The other ghost town named Bodie

Bodie is a popular ghost town in California. It’s a state historic park and it’s known as the most well-perserved ghost town in the state. Bodie, Calif., is on my bucket list. So when someone mentioned recently they’d been for a day drive to Bodie, I got confused. (If you’re a regular reader of our… Continue reading The other ghost town named Bodie

The best way is the wrong way

It was right there on the damn highway. I only drove past it three times. It must be Our American getting in my head. Usually, I keep my head on a swivel … looking left, right, left, right the entire time I’m out exploring. He thinks it’s unsafe driving.

A look back on simpler times in Douglas

It had already been a long day. I was without my co-pilot, heading to Vancouver for a conference and playing catchup with some friends. I was late leaving Vancouver on Wednesday and thought it would be a nice drive through the Cascades, dodging the logjam of Seattle commuters on their way from work. I wasn’t… Continue reading A look back on simpler times in Douglas

Where’s the gold?

What do you plan on doing in Oroville? No U.S. border guard asks this question without an eyebrow raised and a hint of surprise in his voice. Most people who cross the 49th parallel at Osoyoos-Oroville are bound for other places … Spokane, Seattle and beyond. For me and my American, however, it’s our halfway… Continue reading Where’s the gold?