Cutting the cord

Tonight, I bid goodbye to an old friend. Adieu. Farewell. Au revoir. It took me through good times — racing my way up and down the ice, dishing the puck off to a teammate, rough-housing some forward who dared get in front of my goalie. Yes, folks, tonight, I’m getting rid of my hockey gear.… Continue reading Cutting the cord


It was a circuitous route from which I learned the news today. A Twitter contact retweeted an @mirtle Tweet and so it was I learned my old friend, Gregg Drinnan, has been banned from the Kamloops Blazers pressbox. Ten years ago, I was wrapped up in a miserable situation, writing for a thrice-weekly newspaper under… Continue reading Banned

Family traditions

The tree, the Nativity scene, the gifts piled up to the ceiling … Aren’t these the first Christmas traditions that come to mind? Then there’s the MacIsaac household. It wasn’t all that different from any Canadian home at Yuletide. Obnoxious Santas, elves, angels, the Three Wise Men … all the wonderful confusion of childhood fantasy… Continue reading Family traditions