Ooooh … shiny

Distractions can be a good thing. When I’m stuck on a thought, it’s good to play a little with my mind. Take a break. Do something else. Trouble is, the distractions have been getting out of hand and I’ve been losing my focus. Remember when “games” on Facebook amounted to Farmville and a few other… Continue reading Ooooh … shiny

Let me write for you

The internet is a wasteland. No, it’s an abyss. And it isn’t just the porn, uninformed opinion, whining, and cute baby and dog pictures. It’s the endless stream of social media accounts, started with all the best intentions but left to rot away. Especially blogs. Technorati, in its State of the Blogosphere 2011 report, estimates… Continue reading Let me write for you

Back here again

I’ve been a bad writer. I know. I’ve been mentally flogging myself these last few weeks, knowing I hadn’t put fingertips to keyboard on these pages in a good long while. In the internet world, a few days gone by is enough to make people forget about you. On the other hand, though, it’s also… Continue reading Back here again

Missing the obvious

OK, you’re a writer. You love words. You know the difference between a colon, an em dash, a comma and a semicolon. You can craft headlines and emails and missives and tweets and blog posts and press releases, meshing words together so¬†mellifluously¬†they drip like honey off a reader’s brain. Or so power-packed, they stir someone… Continue reading Missing the obvious

Wrong answer

Dammit! I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went well. I dare not speak the name of the company in fear of the black cloud of jinx, as if I put my left skate on first. [shudder] It was for a social media position and it would combine three of my great loves.… Continue reading Wrong answer

Still hunting

“Holy cow, did you see this resume? To hell with everyone else, we have to have her!” This is the reaction I hope someone has every time I hit ‘send’ on an email or ‘submit’ on an online job board. Chances, my words get dropped into a folder labelled ‘Candidates’ with 100 applications or maybe… Continue reading Still hunting

One week

It’s been one week since you looked me, dropped your arms to the side and said you’re sorry. That really did happen. It’s been one week since my boss looked at me, dropped his shoulders and said ‘this is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do.’ And then he axed me. Gave me… Continue reading One week