Breaking news … it ain’t what it used to be

Breaking News! The alert hit my inbox at about 8:30 this morning, while I was still lying in bed and sorting through my Google Reader headlines. Oh dear … what fresh hell could this be, I thought. Following “breaking news” on the subject line, I read:¬†How to Use LinkedIn’s NEW Company Pages for Marketing. Now… Continue reading Breaking news … it ain’t what it used to be


It was a circuitous route from which I learned the news today. A Twitter contact retweeted an @mirtle Tweet and so it was I learned my old friend, Gregg Drinnan, has been banned from the Kamloops Blazers pressbox. Ten years ago, I was wrapped up in a miserable situation, writing for a thrice-weekly newspaper under… Continue reading Banned

Writing long form

Is writing prose becoming a lost art? Many of us live in a 140-character word. Often in conversation, if you haven’t gotten to the point in less than two minutes, I start to lose interest in what you’re saying. I just don’t have the patience to listen to anyone drone on, struggling to find what… Continue reading Writing long form

Moving on … my Olympic dream, part II

Every once in a while, I’ll Google my own name. Until I blasted my name all over social media networks, my results were populated by bylines from the Calgary Sun. But as my former newspaper started to archive stories off the web, my results list started to dwindle, my bylines were disappearing. I started to… Continue reading Moving on … my Olympic dream, part II

My Olympic dream

We trained alongside Robyn Meagher at the track field. We knew her dedication and commitment to long-distance running. It was many years later she realized her dream of running for Canada at the Olympics … was it 1992 in Barcelona? I never had such fantastic dreams for my athletics. Maybe I’d set the bar as… Continue reading My Olympic dream

Gotcha? Or keep your trap shut?

There is no such thing as ‘gotcha’ journalism. There are only tough questions that people get caught answering in a ridiculous manner. The Republicans have accused Katie Couric of ‘gotcha’ journalism against Sarah Palin. Horseshit. The woman is so beyond vapid that even a vacuum can’t exist between those ears. More importantly, Conservative MP Lee… Continue reading Gotcha? Or keep your trap shut?

Name dropping

Oh yes, there was a time when I was a closet wannabe star-fucker. I hid it well … as I do with all nervous emotions. Straight face, calm voice … but meanwhile, my brain is screaming. Like the time I was interviewing Jarome Iginla. It wasn’t just his first professional hockey game in B.C. It… Continue reading Name dropping