Breathing deeply

Did January even happen? One day, I woke up and it was February. And here I am, living south of the 49th and fully ensconced in My American’s house in Spokane, Wash. With a deadline of April 25 to get married.

The light at the end of the tunnel

It finally happened. I called the National Visa Center and — after almost 80 days of multiple redials and hours left on hold — the sweet voice on the other end said “your case arrived today.” Then on Wednesday, Max had our case number for us.

One sure step

I bought a dress. It’s the dress I plan on wearing to the courthouse or wherever we end up getting married. More on that another day (Vegas, anyone?) but first, ordering the dress. It may seem like a benign moment to some. It was, however, a small milestone on a recent journey of struggle.

A new journey

I knew 2014 was going to be a big year. By now, many of you know My American popped the question. And thus, a new journey begins. Today, we received our NOA-1, a Notice of Action that our K-1 visa application is now under adjudication at the California Service Center. That’s right. The girl with… Continue reading A new journey