30DSC: Screeched in

A song that reminds me of somewhere?

That’s Day 6 for the 30-Day Song Challenge.

This is no easy task, given I’ve been a few places in the last 20 years (no, not the almost 40, given my parents weren’t travellers, unless you consider Port Hawkesbury for my brothers’ hockey tournaments or Truro to get my braces tightened).

Methinks I’ll dig back into the past, though, and pull out a song that reminds me of my days in Newfoundland.

Naturally, it’s a Great Big Sea song.

And since most of their songs remind me of my four years in Gander, I can pick any one at random.

So here’s one of my favourites, a good ole drinking song.

And that reminds me of a story. I got Screeched in some time in my first month in Newfoundland, reporting on a conference on something or another at the Hotel Gander.

A year or so later, though, was my official acceptance into the club. I hopped the bus to Bonavista (hometown of Calgary Flames defenceman Adam Pardy) and spent the weekend on a road trip with the Senior A Gander Flyers.

We were hanging out in our motel rooms before heading to the bar. I think there was even only one bar in Bonavista and I don’t even remember going to it. Here’s why.

One of the b’ys (Newfie for fellas) came in and offered me to try a taste of his drink. I lifted the glass to my lips and heard someone shout ‘DOWN IT.’

I did. Swilled the whole thing back.

My buddy looks at me and says, ‘Jayzus, Ang, that was three parts Screech, one part Coke. You gonna be OK?’

I survived.

More than just the Screech.

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