30DSC: Zzzzzzz

Sleep is an elusive wench.

She drops in for a few short hours, abandoning her watch several times a night. We might blame this sleep disorder on her evil cousin, The Nap Monster, to whom I succumb every day after work.

It, I suppose, spoils my body’s desire to fall asleep at night but there’s no stopping the Nap Monster once he enters the room.

Today, I have to pick a song that makes me fall asleep.

And since my music revolves around driving, working and working, that’s a real paradox to ask of my music.

I do, however, recall falling asleep with a radio under my pillow when I was a teenager. Oh, how it pissed off my father. He was convinced it was impossible for anyone to fall asleep with any noise.

And he had the ears of a wolf, hearing the volume of my radio even when it was turned down to 1.

‘Turn that shit off,’ he would bellow across the hall.

‘Just one more song, Dad!’

But I digress … one of the songs I remember drifting off to, and loving, back in the day was Africa by Toto.

It’s from 1982. I was 11.


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