Back in business

It’s funny how life changes, isn’t it?

Barely more than a month ago, I wrote a post about closing up my freelance writing business. I was feeling overloaded by life. I was immersing myself in the culture of my job as social media strategist, learning about the TV networks and programs for which I was responsible and trying to find my way through the madness that is becoming Social TV.

Then, this happened.

The job search is going well. I’ve submitted my resume to more than 20 locations — from realistic and local in Calgary to pie in the sky with Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle (my favourite city in the whole wide world).

Starbucks, sadly, sent me a lovely PFO letter yesterday, telling me I’m not what they’re looking for at this time.


I have some bites. I’ll be returning to Calgary next week for some interviews and I’ve already done a couple via telephone.

In any case, I like money.

And while I’m not short for it, given the two-weeks-plus-two-months severance I was awarded (even though it has yet to arrive in my bank account), I want to ensure income is … well … incoming.

So I’m throwing the doors open again.

Re-throwing the doors open?

Throwing the doors re-open?

Hmmm …

Need copywriting work? I’m your gal.

If you need any convincing, here’s a handful of sites featuring my work:

Brava Bistro

Kids Up Front Calgary

Mount Cameron Estates

McCrea Construction

And then, if you’re feeling like your website needs a bit of jump with its verbage, contact me. I can also set you up with one of my favourite peopledesigners to give it an overall facelift.

Oh, I’ll also advise you on that social media stuff, if you’re interested.

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  1. Job hunting is comparable to finding the right home, the right guy and even the right shoe. You have to see, date and wear a bunch of wrong ones before you get to the right one. With all your qualifications, savvy knowledge of social media and fabulous attitude, you will find a job in no time. Keep smiling!

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