Blowing off the cobwebs

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Is this thing on? Can anyone hear me? Have I completely lost the legions of people who kept coming back here for more?

You know what I hate? Checking in on someone’s blog and seeing sporadic posts—one every three or four months— apologizing for being absent, for not writing, for not having anything to say.

Now look at my post history. I wrote something last July and then again in November when Shep got sick. It isn’t any better on my adventure blog, Our Great Escape.

And then a few weeks ago, my sweet friend Tanya rattled my chains.

So here’s what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to apologize for being absent, for not writing, for not having anything to say.

I’m just going to try harder to write.

In the last little while, I’ve learned about content marketing, about social media for real life (that means for you), and about life in general.

The boss even sent me to the Social Media Strategies Summit in Vegas a few weeks ago … Vegaswhoopwhoop!

Otherwise, here’s what’s been happening:

  • Shep has made a full rebound
  • He’s even been transitioned to a raw diet
  • He remains an Instagram star
  • Since I live in the Okanagan, my wine intake has increased exponentially
  • I’ve also discovered craft beer … uh oh
  • My American and I are still going strong
  • Omak, Wash., is a great place for romantic getaways … yes, it is
  • I’m writing sports again, freelancing Kelowna Rockets games for the Daily Courier
  • It’s fun as hell
  • I’ve stopped buying shoes … sssshhhh, I know
  • I’m adjusting how I approach my freelance business, so I’ve taken down my services page for a bit
  • I’ve learned enough about SEO in the last five months to know I’m really blowing it on my own website, but I don’t do this to win search engine results
  • I lose at least one follower every Monday night, possibly because I hate-tweet The Bachelor, but my favourite chick-lit author Jennifer Weiner does, too, so whatever
  • As I write this, Zach Parise scores Minnesota’s third goal, so I may start to hate-tweet the Flames for the rest of the night; scratch that, the rest of the decade

OK, that’s all the news I can think of.

Any questions? Ask me anything.

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  1. Welcome back – great to hear an update! And, if I lived where you do I’d have a wine problem 😉

    I’ve never watched the Bachelor I can honestly admit.

    I’ll be back to my own blog after RSP Hiatus this weekend.


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