Chasing the sunset at Cliff Park

Bella and I are bachelorettes for the week, while Our American is away on business.

I told her we were going chasing sunsets.

She seemed excited.

I’d recently learned Cliff Park in Spokane is a good spot to catch the glow of the descending fireball. Making it an even better jaunt, it’s an historic site in the Lilac City.

Built in 1908, the park sits atop a volcanic outcrop that the Spokane Tribe used as a lookout. It’s nestled in one of Spokane’s richy-rich neighbourhoods.

The path is a bit of a climb (especially on leg day!), complete with stairs.

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Spokane park

We walk along the volcanic rock and spy a single sproutĀ of bluebells.

Cliff Park 06-23-15_0007 as Smart Object-1

As Bella and I reached the last step, we heard the crackle of dragonfly wings. Dozens of the insects flitted around our heads as we walkeda round the little greenscape at the top of the hill. We were surrounded by a rock wall that kept Bella from hauling me back down the steep, rocky hill.

rock wall

It was quiet but for the dragonflies, the distant roar of cars on nearby arterials, the occasional thup-thup-thup of over-bassed EDM pounding out of a teenager’s car, and ambling pedestrians chatting down below.

Maremma sheepdog

We wandered about the area, circling and waiting for the perfect moment.

The horizon to the west was on fire with the glow of the sunset.

Spokane sunset

Cliff Park is a popular place to catch the setting sun.

A group of teens stormed up the stairs, giggling and chattering and aiming their iPhones at the majesty.

And I knew it was time for Bella and I to pack up.

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  1. Beautiful. Looks very peaceful. My husband grew up in Ephrata, Wash., so I am a little familiar with Spokane. It seems like there are many quiet parks and areas to camp around there. All things I love!

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