Far from it

Critics silenced, the headline declared in today’s Calgary Herald.

Really, I asked my new Twitter buddy, extrafancy1.

In fact, many have continued to oppose the contest and its process throughout the time, even directly following the winner’s announcement.

While I wish Avery Mitchell the best in her transformation from man to woman, she is — ultimately and unfortunately — a benign part of Amp Radio’s contest.

Amp representatives claimed it was helping women feel better about themselves when really it was reducing our self-esteem to a pair of boobs.

Jackie, a.k.a. extrafancy1, has done incredible work in these last few weeks to contact each of Amp’s premiere advertisers and explain the contest and why she finds it offensive. She’s been detailing each interaction on her blog, marking success with Shaw GMC.

She also noted one woman’s post on Petland’s Facebook page resulted in that company pulling its advertising from Amp.

And now the contest has inspired Jackie to create T-shirts as a fundraiser for the Canadian Women’s Foundation Girls Fund.

She won’t be silent. And neither will I.

Why? Because women are more than the sum of their parts.

We need to learn how to be confident, self-assured, beautiful women beyond any societal perception of how our bodies should look.

And we need to reject advertising mediums who reduce us to a set of breasts.

One of the finalists appeared on the news the night before Avery was announced as the victor. She proclaimed if you don’t like the contest, you don’t have to enter, you don’t have to vote and you don’t have to listen to the station.

Nope, I don’t.

But about a hundred years ago, there was a group of women who were offended by the status quo, worked hard to stand up for women everywhere and refused to stay silent.

Where would we be today, I wonder, if they had ignored the way things were?


  1. Both you, Angela & Jackie are amazing ambassadors for women’s rights. You fought hard & never backed down. You are both to be commended for bringing to light this disgusting contest.

    Thank you both so much for giving the voice to those of us that can’t write worth a darn and standing up for us all. You guys are amazing!

  2. Thank you so much for this. It was from people like you that I drew strength from when by battle seemed bleak.

    It was my amazing followers, readers and friends who made me realize that I wasn’t done working yet. About 2/3 through the contest, I knew I wasn’t going to achieve my ultimate goal of getting the contest cancelled. So I started thinking about what should come next.

    People weren’t always nice to me, far from it. And I am not as thick-skinned as I appear (ha!). But your support especially, Angela has helped me. I can take the barbs and bullets of critics with friends like you urging me forward.

    Thank you sincerely, this is lovely.

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