Heading to the Hockey Summit

This could be one of the most exciting things to happen to me.

The story starts a couple of months ago, when Tonia Hammer — Community Relations for Molson Coors Canada — was here from Toronto for a Tweetup.

We’ve connected over Twitter. We both love beer and hockey … the two very intrinsic traits that make us Canadian, I suppose.

She pulled me aside and said, ‘Look, would you ever come to Toronto for a visit?’

I mentioned I was thinking about heading that way for my niece’s lacrosse tournament (which is happening right now!) but wasn’t sure if it was in the summer budget.

What if you came to Toronto to blog the World Hockey Summit for us?

Um … what?

Yes, that was the offer to stand on the table.

My head started spinning.

The World Hockey Summit is a gathering of the who’s who in hockey to discuss the game’s global growth. The big guns of the NHL will be there, famous faces from women’s hockey, coaches, general managers, players …

I got into work the next day and booked off Aug. 23-27 from my writing job at Shaw.

But time went on. I wasn’t hearing anything from Tonia. I gave up hope. I tend to do that easily.

I mean, why in hell should I get invited to blog and Tweet for Molson? Sure, I used to be a sportswriter. Sure, I Tweet about hockey … sure, I Tweet a lot. A lot.

What does that make me in the grand scheme of things? A big ole nobody still. It isn’t even like I have a hockey-related blog (should I? I’ve wondered that before).

Then today, I open up my Hootsuite and discover a direct message from Tonia … Need your email. Hope you still kept Aug. 23-27 open.

My jaw dropped. My stomach jumped. There went that damn spinning in my head again. Body parts were being pulled in every direction … figuratively, not literally.

So here I am.

Invited to the Molson World Hockey Summit as a Tweeter/blogger. All expenses paid.

Steve Yzerman will be there. Gary Bettman, Hayley Wickenheiser, Brian Burke, Dan Alfredsson …

Steve Yzerman.

In case you didn’t know, big fan.

Steve Yzerman.

First thing, I texted my brothers. They’re all together in Toronto for the lacrosse tournament. I wish I was there, but they understand I had to wait to see if this opportunity would come to fruition.

This might be the biggest event of my career — even though it isn’t really work-related — since I attended the 1998 NHL all-star game in Vancouver.

Steve Yzerman was supposed to be there. But he was injured.

I did something this morning I haven’t done in a very long time.

I danced in my kitchen.

And yes, I’m now loyal to Molson.

Even if it means no more Keith’s.

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