Missing you

There are certain moments of the day I simply can’t do without.

And the past two days have been lessons in living without.

The thump of the tail on the floor when I call out his name in the morning.

His smiling face storming up the stairs when I get home after a day at the office.

Our nightly walks.

Our twice-daily feedings of his thyroid medication.

Oh, you thought this post was about My American. I miss him, too, but my dog has been — barring vacations and work trips when I’ve left him with sitters — my daily constant for the past seven years and change.

Last year, I wrote Why My Dog Rocks (some pictures are missing and this is a good reminder to get off my ass and fix them). So many people don’t understand the connection between dog and human and I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for them.

My Bubba is vacationing in Spokane with My American for a couple of weeks. I just returned from a week of telecommuting there and thought it would be best to leave him there. I travel to Toronto on business next week and wanted to leave him in a stress-free zone with someone who loves him as much as I do.

WITP 066

What’s that?

Yes, it’s true.

See one of the bullet points in last year’s post?

  • He has made me a better judge of character. If you don’t love my dog and show him affection, I’m going to have trouble loving you.

My American loves my dog.

And Shep loves him back.

The majority of Shep’s days are behind him. He’s 10. In dog years, he’s an old, old man.

It’s my mission to ensure every day of his life is spent happy, content and loved. I know that’s happening in Spokane right now.

I just hope he knows how much I miss him.


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