Not enough time in the day

I love information.

I love learning stuff.

My Google Reader is full of feeds, be they about marketing and communications, photography, news, writing or blogs from people I figure might be interesting.

I have Pulse and Google Currents on my tablet. I just started a Kobo collection of books.

I feel like I’m forever reading something … on the Ctrain, while I’m walking to work, at the gym, at the office, on the couch, on the throne (you know it’s true, you do it, too).

It’s hard on the eyes sometimes. And all the information can get overwhelming.

Here’s the trouble: many times, I read the headline. Just the headline. Maybe scan the rest of the text.

Then I figure I want to read more into this later. It’s probably a tactic for gaining an organization’s attention, a new way to interpret an analytic, a new app I want to try, or how to better use my lens filters.

The link gets starred, marked to read later. Ooh, oh yeah, I also have Read It Later installed on my Chrome browser for those links people Tweet, and it syncs to the Dolphin browser on my tablet.

Then I lose track of time. And the links start to accumulate. They’re like the proverbial snowball, the mass just keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger as we roll along.

I just counted. I have 300+ starred items in my Google Reader, 50-odd in my Read It Later and 10+ on my Currents.

Like the snowball heading into spring, it almost pushes me toward a meltdown.

But at least you know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Ross! I think I’m too much of a newshound. Maybe I just have to delete some of my reading apps.

    Now I’m having heart palpitations.

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