Send help?

I can’t write.

Yes, I realize I wrote that.

I’m suffering from the worst case of writer’s block I’ve had in years. I sit down at my laptop and I stare at the white space in front of me.

This is not a good thing.

I am a writer by trade. The practice helps put the Kraft Dinner on my stove.

Writing, no matter whether it’s for a client, a company or my site, is a very personal thing.

At least for me it is.

The words come from my brain, my heart, my soul … or at least what’s left of it after getting thrashed and burned by editors and clients for 20 years. Whatever I write and send to you, there is a little piece of me left in it.

My work is a source of pride and I know my clients appreciate each one they pay for.

Typically, when I reach a creative impasse, I exercise. I grab my TRX system or I hit the trails on my bike. Or, I’ll exercise my brain in a different way and toss my camera in the truck and get lost.

Nothing seems to be working right now.

Every word I type tonight is a struggle.

I’m drained.



What’s this? Didn’t you just get back from a three-week vacation, you ask. Why, yes, I did.

And on my first Monday back, I received yet another ‘thank you very much but we’re going with someone else’ phone call.

Then the ‘you’re incredibly talented but we couldn’t possibly pay you enough to keep you happy and we know you’ll jump ship as soon as you can’ email.

I’m beaten up.

Kicked around.

Thrown down.

It’s getting harder and harder with each rejection to jump back and start fighting again.

But I know I must.

Mashable published a story about creative blocks tonight. It led me to a website called Help Me Be Fucking Creative.

While it’s aimed at designers, I didn’t think it could hurt to take a gander. It’s user-generated bits on how to break through the blocks. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #FKNGCREATIVEADVICE.

Thus Twitter, via HMBFC, tells me to:

  • Take a walk to a place you’ve never been before
  • Read a page of the dictionary
  • Read a book
  • Go to the bathroom with your fucking netbook
  • Leave your desk, go out
  • Write with your left hand for a bit

Many of them belong to the same theme: get away from your work and out of your head.

This – forcing myself to write – is the only thing I could think of doing, after a week of nothing. So you’ll please forgive me if it doesn’t flow or jive or whatever.

But I do have a deadline to meet for the end of the month.

So I have to do something.


  1. I feel you Angela. I haven’t written in months. The words bobble around in my head slipping just out of reach when I put my fingers to te keyboard. There is so much I want to say and yet I am mute. It hurts my head and my heart and yet I know how much harder it is for you right now with everything that’s going on.

    Good job getting the words out tonight.

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