Shep gets famous

You already know him as the most beautiful dog on the internet.

Now Shep is getting his due.

I received an email last month from a gal who writes for the Atlantic Horse & Pony, a publication out of the homeland, Nova Scotia.

She was sourcing artwork for a piece on farm dogs and contacted me to use one of my many pictures of Shep to represent livestock guardian dogs.

Shep is a Maremma, a breed that originated in central Italy and is used to protect farm and ranch stock.

The Maremma is rare in North America, so hard to find that the American Kennel Club no longer recognizes the breed at show.

Yeah, who cares anyway, AKC?


Shep turns heads.

Last month in Wisconsin, we were gassing up and the gal beside us wanted to take a picture of him. She said she works for Fetch Magazine and regularly takes pictures of dogs about town.

I don’t know if Shep ever showed up on their social media properties (I can’t find them) but I’m regularly stopped by people who just want to chat about my gorgeous dog.

In fact, I’ve had to teach My American about his breed in case he’s left alone to the mercy of the general public.

We stopped in Kennebunkport, ME, on Adventure 2012 and I ducked into the washroom, leaving him holding the leash. When I emerged from the potty cabin, MA and Shep were surrounded by people.

And there MA was … teaching some folks about the amazing Maremma while they cuddled, petted and loved my baby boy.

Anyhow, my complimentary copy of Horse & Pony arrived today and I wanted to share the story with you.

But you already know my dog rocks.


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