Still hunting

“Holy cow, did you see this resume? To hell with everyone else, we have to have her!”

This is the reaction I hope someone has every time I hit ‘send’ on an email or ‘submit’ on an online job board.

Chances, my words get dropped into a folder labelled ‘Candidates’ with 100 applications or maybe even the trash bin.

I’ll be out of work for six weeks when tomorrow rolls around. And with every day of silence from the hiring world, my confidence takes another hit.

This is no easy task.

In fact, the job hunt is the toughest job I’ve had in years.

I’ve had a few hits, each one followed by direct hits to the soft spots.

I drove all the way across town one morning to be told the company tendered an offer to another candidate and she accepted. The night before. The recruiting agency bothered to email me a half hour before the interview was scheduled to begin (thank you, Distracted Driving Law of Alberta!).

I got all the way to final review with the vice-president of marketing at a national financial services firm.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “This is not an interview. It’s just a formality.”

And I was told by the marketing manager to expect a phone call with a formal offer by day’s end. I was shown where my office would be, told my salary … the whole nine yards.

That call never came. Instead, overnight, the vice-president decided he wanted to ‘take another direction.’

I’ve had a couple initial interviews with HR departments. Nothing else comes of it but a nicely worded PFO letter or phone call.

I have another interview scheduled this week and I’ve sent my resume to another three companies/organizations this morning. I’ve enrolled with several recruiting agencies, figuring it might not be a bad idea to ask for help.

I’m a writer, a communicator, an online strategist. If you know of anyone who needs one of those, hit me up or send him a link to my LinkedIn profile.

I’m not giving up. I can’t give up.

I love to work. It’s driving me kind of nuts not to be working, not to be contributing somewhere, somehow.

Although I might consider a change of heart when it comes to buying lottery tickets.

Maybe that bolt of lightning could strike once. Just once.


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