T-shirt hell

Fuck you.

Go fuck yourself.

If you can read the back of this shirt, the bitch fell off.

Don’t bother. I’m not drunk yet.

We exist in a society where people no longer say ‘thank you’ to doors held open for them.

Where we bark orders at Walmart cashiers or McDonald’s drive-thru workers because we think they’re worth less on the food chain.

We’re taking our bad days out on each other.

And blasting the messages on our T-shirts.

When we allow a T-shirt to say waht’s really on our minds, we’re hiding behind a piece of cloth.

But if it’s something we really want to say to each other, we really don’t belong in public.

There’s nothing wrong with living in a polite society, one where we’re not whoring ourselves out for attention with a rude message on our shirts.

If we remember to show respect for each other, we might remember how to have respect for ourselves again.

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