The great divide between professional, personal Twitter accounts

Full disclosure.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

I’ve managed (and manage) a handful of Twitter accounts, whether for clients or for charitable events.

I have — whew, this is tough to admit — accidentally posted personal opinion or information on the wrong account.

Now I say a lot of stupid stuff on Twitter. I fully admit I’m part jackass and it runs deeply in my family. But I don’t think I ever say anything inflammatory or insulting to anyone specifically.

And I immediately delete the offending tweets.

Where I fall on the lucky side is my misplaced tweets have never gone viral.

Not like this one:

Or the other one off the same account: Obama is a baby-eating monster whose yellowed teeth drip with ichor.

Ichor, by the way, is the ‘ethereal golden fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals.’ I had to look it up.

In typical fashion, Twitter went apeshit and Mashable got the story up post haste.

The tweets were deleted and an apology — retweeted 517 times and favourited 97 times at this very moment — went up:

And now the following statement has just been tweeted:





Ms. Soledad is doing the right thing. She’s taking responsibility, apologizing and ensuring the situation is aright.

And it sure as heck isn’t the first time someone mis-tweeted on a major brand’s account. A Red Cross employee tweeted about her beer drinking and Chrysler’s (now former) PR agency had an employee bitch about bad drivers in Detroit, of all places.

It’s time we all learn a valuable lesson from these moments.

Don’t worry. It’s a little more simple than trying to be two different people all the time, creating the great divide between being a human being and a professional social media manager.

It’s so simple you’ll shake your ahead at the obviousness of it all.

Take your professional or client accounts and move them off the same Twitter client as your personal account.

That’s it. Open up a second Hootsuite account or create a new Tweetdeck window.

Whatever the heck API you use, use two.

Do it now.

Tweeting from your smartphone? Come on, haven’t we all lost count of how many different Twitter apps are out there?

And even then double check and triple check which account you’re using before you hit Submit.

Especially if you’re an asshole.


  1. I honestly cannot get enough of social media and customer service mega-blunders. I’ve had a misguided tweet or two, but learned my lesson. I set my PERSONAL account as the default rather than the other way around, and I use two different apps on my phone – one personal, one professional, as well as on my computer. Twitter and Hootsuite, respectively. And then I sit back and revel in others’ blunders.

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