The patience to go long

I’ve never had a good tripod.

Our American has one he never uses. So you know what I did. That’s right, I heisted it.

I’ve freehanded waterfalls but never quite got the practice I need to get long exposure right.

Sunset skies always had a bit of shake to them.

With sturdy tripod and remote shutter release in hand, I set out to masterattempt long-exposure photography.

These aren’t the type of pictures you can just snap and run. No, it takes a keen eye for the right scenery and the patience to experiment with shutter speed and aperture.

Luckily, there’s plenty of perfect scenery between Spokane and Kelowna.

First stop, ranchland near Reardon, Wash.

This old road caught my eye.

abandoned road reardon

And then this wheat field.

wheat field reardon washington

I switched back to hands-free for a quickie shot at one of Shep’s favourite pee spots along the route, just north of Coulee.

coulee washington

And back to long exposure for the sunset over Vaseux Lake, south of Okanagan Falls, B.C.

vaseux lake sunset

The above shots were taken a few weeks ago. I got lazy and left my camera sitting on the floor, untouched, while Our American visited.

Fast forward to last night.

What better time to try my hand at long exposure than the night of a supermoon?

On the night of a supermoon, the moon is closer to the Earth than it is during a regular full moon. It appears up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than a regular full moon.

I almost forgot but, when I took Shep out for his evening walk, I saw the orange orb rising over the hill. I hustled Shep back to the house, into the truck and up to nearby Kalamoir Park. The rise at the top of the hill was a terrific vantage point.

supermoon 2014We made it just in time for its orangest and brightest hour.

supermoon 2014

The moon has been my greatest challenge with long exposure thus far. And I know I far from nailed it. However, I am happy with the results of my novice work.

Lucky enough, we get another supermoon on September 9.

My sensor is clean now and my calendar is marked.

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