To Jaguar or not to Jaguar

It’s so easy to get pissed off these days.

It’s almost like people are walking around with hair-trigger tempers, just waiting to get outraged at something.

And they’ll get so mad that they’ll just … well … post on Facebook or Twitter or a news story about just how pissed off they are.

We react so vociferously. Remember about a year ago when Theo Fleury said the Canucks wouldn’t win the Stanley Cup, even though they’d won the Presidents Trophy? He encountered Tweets telling him to go kill himself, that he enjoyed his sexual assault at the hands of Graham James, that he was just a fag Flame anyway.

Then there was the L.A. Kings (awesome) Twitter account who tweeted ‘to everyone in Canada outside of B.C., you’re welcome’ when they went up 2-0 in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

And Canucks fans were pissed, demanding the person behind the account be fired, or at the very least drawn and quartered.

Wait … maybe there’s a Canucks pattern there …

Ah, let’s not get into that

But today’s outrage?

Jacksonville Jaguars fans are embarrassed at a video made by a summer intern with the city’s tourism committee, trying to capitalize off the success of planking and Tebowing.

He tried to get people “to Jaguar.”

Watch it. It’s unoriginal, it’s uninteresting and, ultimately, pretty benign.

It fails.

And Jaguars fans are HORRIFIED.

A writer with The Bleacher Report incorrectly blames the Jaguars team and says:

Pardon my grumpy ass, but this is not my kind of silly. The Jacksonville Jaguars would like you to “Jaguar”—a practice that negates your chances of ever getting into any place cool if you do it…even once.

One guy says in the comments:

This is possibly one of the saddest and most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen. Period. I feel so bad for ACTUAL Jaguars fans that love football and have to deal with things like that putting a bad name for their team. As a team that has to deal with Gabbert, no offense, it’s hard as is…

Yeah? This is one of the most embarrassing things you’ve ever seen? Even worse than the time you peed your pants in Grade 2 because you were scared to put your hand up and ask for permission to go to the bathroom?

I mean … ah … that never happened to me.

Come on, fellas. Relax.

I know y’all Americans take your football seriously but let’s step back for a second and look.

1. It’s just a game.

2. It’s a rinky-dink little video trying to be cute and trendy made by a tourism committee that cares about its city and its team.

3. The Jaguars haven’t even made the playoffs since 2007 and this is what fans are getting pissed off about?

The video isn’t going to have any effect on whether the Jaguars suck or not this year, whether they sell seats, or whether anyone decides to visit your beautiful city.

It really doesn’t affect your lives much more than a three-minute blip on your computer screen and you can choose to turn it off.

Just like you can change the channel when you see something on TV you don’t like, or walk away from someone you don’t want to talk to, or choose to click on that little X in the upper-right corner of your browser.

(So, sorry, Safari users … left. Please don’t yell at me.)

If you’re horribly embarrassed by this video, realize that you’re the ones who have caused it to go viral, spreading your embarrassment around the internet and demanding your humiliation be noticed and recognized.

We all need to settle the heck down and figure out how something like this truly affects us before we go crying and wailing and stomping and pounding.

Or, you can do what I did in Grade 2.

Call your mom, tell her what happened and get to go home early.


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