Wandering around Bridgeland

Sometimes my best shots are pure dumb luck.

Shirking the #yycphotowalk club in favour of some ‘me’ time, Shep and I opted for a stroll around Bridgeland. I found a lot of great subjects for my new and upcoming blog, Worshipping Calgary, but we’ll talk about that some other time.

We walked around for a couple of hours, jumping through the slushy crosswalks and ambling down the quiet streets which are just a mere sprint away from the bustling downtown core.

We started at the big greenspace which is the former home of Calgary General Hospital. The park was empty but, when we returned to get the truck two hours later, the hill was peppered with kids and parents — all out to enjoy the 8 C temperatures and toboganning on the shadowy slopes.

I flipped out my 75-200 to remain conspicuous, knowing parents tend to freak out when there’s a stranger with a camera … and justifiably so. All I really wanted was a shot of kids carrying their sleds and GT Racers back up the hill, keeping my focal point on a tree in the foreground.

Trouble is, my camera was on auto focus and, thus, it readjusted to catch one little girl careening down the hill. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Otherwise, you’ll miss the look of absolute joy on this little girl’s face.

It’s the kind of look that reminds me why it’s so great to remain childlike in some situations and retain that sense of sheer, unadulterated enjoyment.

Today, Shep and I strolled around Canmore. It was too beautiful a day to say no to a drive to the mountains.

Every other time I’ve made this trip with other friends, it was just a walk up and down the strip, ducking into W.A.N.T. (yes, I bought a new bag and wallet) and a few other boutiques.

Then to the Friendship Trail is still a beaten path but it was entirely new to me.

And Shep.

Who hasn’t been getting a ton of walking attention lately, due to the extreme cold temperatures and vacation through Washington State (he came with me, but there was shopping that had to be done!).

We found a fairly unpopulated section along the river and I let him off-leash … he’d only been waiting for that moment all afternoon!

Shep, my very best friend and faithful companion, tends to run forward, check out the path and make sure everything is A-OK for us to proceed. He’ll either come back and guide us through the thicket or wait patiently.

I caught him at the top of a hill, waiting. Just waiting.

With the mountains behind him and the silhouette of a bird soaring through the blue sky, this easily has become my favourite shot of Shep.

Canmore 082

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