We have a new home … again

Life can change in the blink of an eye.

About a month ago, I was furiously packing up the apartment in Kamloops and getting ready to move Shep and me to a new home. I knew from the moment I set foot back in Kamloops last November that it was a temporary stay, no matter how many times my newspaper colleagues threatened that my position would become permanent and full time.

Trouble is, I’ve grown out of newspapers. The internet is too much fun. So, I took some time while on Employment Insurance to look for the right job this time. (I hope to find time to write more about that on That Angela this week but between a job, client work and being only five hours away from Spokane, I don’t get much free time to write for myself. This is a treat.)

I work in Kelowna now. I live in Summerland.

sandy beach in Summerland

I wake up in the morning, go for a 10-km run and enjoy coffee on my patio, while the sun rises over Naramata.

I get home from work to my favourite smiling face, pour a glass of wine and watch the stars twinkle in the clear, dark sky while bats whizz back and forth over my head.

It’s magical. It’s calming. And it is paradise.

I breathe deeply now and I sleep.

Those are new. They’re still strange to me. But I welcome them to my life.

And Shep smiles a lot.

He has a big backyard and a five-minute drive to water.

Shep at the Summerland dog beach

Then there are the other bonuses. I run past the old Gartrell barn every other day:

old barn in Summerland

It’s technically in Trout Creek, where James Gartrell and his family settled in 1887, after travelling from Ontario with their apple tree seedlings.

Let’s not forget the orchards and the wineries. There are at least 10 wineries within drivingstumbling distance of my house.

Like Sonoran Estates. This is the view from the bistro patio:

View of winery and Okanagan Lake

I’d tell you I have a spare bedroom … but I did mention I’m only five hours away from Spokane now, right?

Welcome to yet another adventure for Shep and me. We have a spare bedroom.


  1. Good afternoon. I have recently joined the Alberta Ghost town group on facebook, clicked on one of your stories, and to my suprise, you live in the OK Valley. I have lived here for 40 years and enjoy exploring our past history , call myself a local historian in training. I have just recently found an old bottle manufactured in the old Lavington glass plant , in an old tin can dump. ( my favorite palces to dig for history ). Exploring is my life long passion and it is so very nice to find another true local history fan. I am looking forward to reading your stories and visiting some of the same places. You are very lucky to be living out in Summerland, so much history still to be found in that area. Maybe some time, You Shep, Myself, and my Cuervo pup could meet and explore together. I’, sure we would not stop talking history.
    Thanks again for creating ‘ Our Great Escape site. You are a true inspiration to me to get out and keep exploring.
    Kimberly Escott & Cuervo pup.

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