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We have to hope Molson Coors Canada doesn’t mind an F-bomb or two over the course of the World Hockey Summit next week in Toronto.

Potential Tweet: Holy fuck, I just talked to Brendan Shanahan for 15 minutes about the R&D camp learnings.

We’re unfiltered and unfettered, Molson told us … after all, anyone who has watched a hockey broadcast and heard a coach yelling at a ref knows the culture is peppered with salty words.

Now watch this: Hey, Justin Kendrick, what was your first thought when you were invited to blog the World Hockey Summit?

“Fuck, yes,” he says.

Justin, left, and Darrin

Justin, along with his Hockey Card Show teammate Darrin Reynolds, will join Richard Loat and I as fully accredited delegates at the Summit, attending sessions and reporting back to you from our websites, Twitter streams, the WHS Facebook page and the WHS Twitter stream.

“The Summit looks like a great idea for hockey … for all the ‘gods’ to get together and hug it out,” Justin says.

Justin and Darrin host on their website a video show, during which they sit on a leather loveseat and open old and new packs of hockey cards. They’re funny, they’re irreverent and they drink … are those bottles of Miller Genuine Draft on the table? Better be!

“We have no idea what players are going to be pulled from the pack but we talk about the players and the teams,” Justin explains. “The unknowing helps for the spontaneity and realness.

“It’s a blast to shoot as we are usually sipping on a beer or rye. We have been doing it for two seasons now and will be starting up again in October.”

The show has opened up opportunities other than World Hockey Summit. Justin and Darrin have worked with Upper Deck, McDonald’s and Molson on other promotional ventures.

Follow Justin on Twitter.

Four Hockey Questions

Did/do you play hockey?

During the school year (basically the NHL season), my friends and I would meet up at our local tennis courts and play. This went on for all of high school regardless of rain or snow. There were a few of us that were right around the corner from the courts so we would bring shovels and spend the time needed to clear the courts so that we could play for a few hours. We would play on Saturday afternoons and then in the evening we would all go to someone’s house and watch the games. That is the highest level I ever played. I actually suck pretty hard at skating so now when I get a chance to play on ice I’m all over it as I am still trying to get a hang of it.

As for the ball hockey/road hockey skill, I like to think I was half-ass decent. I used to have a hard shot and I could hustle. I hung out in front of the goalie and just annoyed him, I would talk to him about every day stuff to distract him until I was tapping in a rebound. It was fun times! When I wasn’t sitting in front of the net, I was in net. The guys hated playing against me, not because I was good but because I would always come out and pokecheck them. I would slide around like Hasek and constantly be talking and yelling. Hmm … saying all this, it sounds like I was a bit of dick. Oh well!

What is your earliest hockey memory?

I got into hockey rather late in life compared to most Canadian kids. It was right around 1992-93 (so I was 12ish) that I started to watch. The Leafs were all over the news and I remember getting a ride to school and hearing how they played the night before. There was excitement and it was contagious. Very randomly, though, one of my first NHL moments that I remember is Guy Lafleur. I just have this image of him in a Nordiques jersey. That is how my mind works sometimes, just snapshots but I have that one. Other snapshots in my mind would include Paul Romanuk’s ‘it is over’ call from the World Juniors, playing countless hours of NHL94 on my SNES and Gilmour’s wraparound goal.

Are there any sessions to which you are particularly looking forward?

I am looking most forward to the Junior Development in the Hockey World session as I get super jacked for the World Juniors each year when Christmas rolls around.

Back in November I was able to meet Steve Yzerman at The Hockey Hall of Fame. That’s going to be hard to beat so I will take a sideways approach to this and say I’m looking forward to shaking Paul Romanuk’s hand and telling him that his call in 1994 is one of the reasons I love hockey today.


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