If you’re on the Twitter, don’t forget to add #WHS2010 to your posts about the World Hockey Summit.

It’s an easy stream — in addition to your @s in our direction, both on our personal feeds and our @WldHockeySummit — to check, so we, your faithful bloggers, can chat it up with you, answer your questions and be advised on better ways to keep you informed.

New to Twitter?

It’s called a ‘hashtag.’

A hashtag adds additional meta data to a Tweet, letting us know how popular the World Hockey Summit is with you.

We wanted to go with #WHS, since it’s short, but it seems that hashtag is already ‘owned’ by a high school in the States.

Join us in the discussion, won’t you?

Twitter Handles to Know

World Hockey Summit@WldHockeySummit

Richard Loat@mozy19

Darrin Reynolds@dink9966

Justin Kendrick@hockeycardshow

Angela MacIsaac@that_angela

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