A housebound escape

This doesn’t have anything to do with reading.

Even though reading is the best escape I can take without leaving the house.

No, this is about losing myself on my laptop in a way that doesn’t involve writing.

I’ve been learning how to use Photoshop, trying to get better at this art called photography. Back in May, I spent a day on the Palouse with a helluva photographer named Chip Phillips. He taught me about exposure bracketing and left me with a video that teaches how to merge two or more frames for a high-dynamic range photo (HDR).

Yeah, yeah … if you’ve ever seen me rant on Twitter about bad HDR photography, you’re shaking your head. No, really, click that link and see how bad it can get.

Hence my nervousness when I asked a new, local friend to show me how she does it. I can watch all the videos in the world but, unless someone is doing it step by step in front of me while I write those steps down, I don’t quite absorb it.

Like a good book.

She helped me create the above photo that Chip helped me take.

A lunch escape

My friend taught me photo-editing software has gotten so much better at helping us create HDR that it’s fairly easy.

Sure, tell that to my dog-tired eyes after I spent five hours working on one image yesterday, starting over twice.

spokane bridge autumn

The learning has inspired me to get out more often with my camera, hauling my gear to the office and heading out to beautiful spots nearby.

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