A Canadian escape

I need another one!

It was a long six months of living in the United States, not being allowed to set foot on the Great White North, my Canadian homeland.

Those were the rules, though. As long as I was waiting for my Green Card, I wasn’t allowed to leave the States. If I did, I was considered to be abandoning my petition and the border guards didn’t have to let me back in.

Then, it came.

Holy shitballs, you guys. It really happened. And it’s really green. #canamerican

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There was only one thing to do … ROAD TRIP!

canadian border

Back to Kelowna or Calgary? Nope.

Maybe just a quick run up to Cranbrook, where My American and I had our first real date? Nope.

We busted for Nelson, B.C., a spot my husband remembers fondly from a road trip in his teens.

Yes, it was in July, so you may bust my lazy butt for not writing about it by now.

Walking around Nelson

Our first priority was lunch.

We went for the high quality of A&W for one reason: did you know A&W doesn’t have Teen Burgers down here? At least not at the locations in our ‘hood. Seriously … best burger out there and I have to drive almost four hours to get one!

We found a great little park on the shores of Kootenay Lake, gulped down our A&W and took Bella for a walk.

Nelson is┬ásuper dog-friendly. Leashed dogs are welcome downtown (and in some stores, although we didn’t take Bella inside anywhere).

It’s home to the most amazing dog park┬ánear the airport. The waterfront area is divided into off-leash, leashed and dog restricted. We still weren’t (aren’t, necessarily) ready to let Bella roam free, but we did what we could to let her stretch her legs after time in the truck.

Nelson dog park

nelson dog park


The next priority was stocking up on supplies:

An outstanding haul! #canamerican

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A heritage hotbed

Nelson’s downtown is a neat spot for the history buff.

It has 350 heritage buildings, more than any other city in the province (per capita, of course), so I spent a lot of time with my head on a swivel and a nerdy grin on my face.

The downtown is full of neat gift shops where I picked up my dorky souvenirs:

Plus two fridge magnets and a Merry Moosemas decoration for our winter solstice tree.

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Then it was time to head for home, but not before a roadside stop for a waterfall:

And a nerdy tourist shot in Salmo, at the biggest Canadian penny EVER!

Salmo penny


The only question left to ask was “when can we go again?”

Because I’m out of Caramilk bars.

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