The mission behind One Tired Puppy

I’m a dog person.

I love being surrounded by dogs.

The idea of One Tired Puppy, a dog running and walking service for Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake, hatched as I faced some serious life changes.

My job as a content marketer in Canada came to a close last July when my boyfriend and I decided it was time to get married. “Married” meant applying for an immigration visa to the United States, giving up life as I knew it in Canada, and moving to Spokane, WA.

(As a writer, it also meant learning how to spell some words with -ER instead of -RE and dropping U from a few others, but that’s a story for my other website.)

It came to decide what I wanted to do with my work-a-day life. With few (and highly competitive) opportunities to work full-time in my industry, I chose the life of being an entrepreneur.

I combined two of my favorite hobbies — hanging with my dog, Bella, and running. Maybe some day, I’ll throw photography into the mix; for now, however, we’ll start small.

The challenge to keep your dog fit

My first dog, Shep, was a runner and a hiker. A Maremma sheepdog by breed, he did six-mile neighborhood runs with me in Calgary, Alberta. He loved longer hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains to the west of our home city.

sleeping dog Spokane
He was happiest when he was tired.

Sadly, he passed away last summer at the old age of 12. (His successor, Bella, isn’t quite ready for runs. At 16 months, she’s a 90-pound puppy who hasn’t learned to fully settle in beside me. Too many spots to sniff, Momma!)

Thing is, as a former full-time worker I know how difficult it is to fit walks, runs and hikes into your own schedule. Heck, I came home to — and disappointed — a very sad face on a few occasions. Exhausted from an eight-hour day and a too-long commute, the last thing I wanted to was tie up my tennis shoes, hook the leash onto his collar and head back out the door.

I’m too familiar with the guilt that goes along with that needed rest. I’m also too familiar with the other repercussions, like the hyperactivity, the digging in the backyard, and the midnight heavy breathing in my face while I’m trying to sleep.

Your dog running solution

The American SPCA says daily exercise keeps your dog happy and out of trouble.

A good walk or run every day:

  • Helps to reduce or eliminate the common behavior problems listed above, such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity
  • Helps to keep dogs healthy, agile and limber
  • Helps to reduce digestive problems and constipation
  • Helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust
  • Helps dogs feel sleepy, rather than restless, at bedtime or when you’re relaxing
  • Helps to keep dogs’ weight under control

Let me run your dog. Or walk. Or just give him some backyard play and a potty break while you’re working. Check out all our services and rate plans.

You come home to a dog that’s happy and one step toward healthier.

When you contact me, we’ll set up a meet-and-greet time to get to know each other better. I want you to trust me to handle your precious puppy in the same way I treat my beautiful Bella.

With lots and lots of extra special attention, including treats, behind-the-ear scritches and butt scratches.

Because if dogs love running, they love butt scratches even more!

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  1. Before I started my dog running/walking business, I worked 10-hour shifts at a newspaper. I would run with my dog for an hour every morning before work and rush home at lunch to take him on a quick 10-minute walk. This worked out just fine, but it’s what helped me make my decision to start a business working with dogs. I knew there was a need, and I knew it’s what I wanted to be doing vs. sitting in an office.

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