Meet the Team

A tired puppy is a happy puppy.

Hey, look, life is busy these days. A lot of us are working 40-plus hours a week and we’re pooped when we walk through the door. We love our dogs — they’re family! — but we don’t always have anything left in our own gas tanks to walk or run them.

That’s where One Tired Puppy comes in. We want to make sure your puppy gets the exercise he needs.

We’re all dog lovers and pet parents, and we know the importance of exercise and health.

Let us take care of the running, walking and hiking, so you can enjoy quiet time with Fluffy when you get home and need to relax.

The Team

We’re a small but mighty team.

Top Dogs

dog running spokane

Angela, owner of One Tired Puppy, is a Maremma momma and a runner. She recently completed her first half marathon, the Windermere Marathon, and has her sights set on another this fall. Bella, her second Maremma sheepdog, is not a runner, however. She’s a little lover who prefers long walks on the beach … or in the woods.

Your puppy gets Angela’s full attention on your run, while Bella waits at home. Her little girl guest stars on hikes and occasional pack walks.

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