Getting the cold shoulder on Twitter

Imagine for a moment that you’re looking for a specific item. You approach the salesperson in your favourite store or boutique and ask, “Do you have any navy pencil skirts?” The salesperson responds: “All of our skirts are on the second floor. Just go up those stairs.” That doesn’t feel very helpful, does it? You… Continue reading Getting the cold shoulder on Twitter

Roaming around

I had to learn my lesson the hard way. The first time I came to Spokane (yes, I’m here right now), I racked up $1,000 in roaming data charges. I was with Bell, lo, those (almost) three years ago. Bell called me on Monday and said ‘um, hey, do you know what you did?’ My… Continue reading Roaming around

One long day

My legs are shaking like a leaf. Now. Now that the 2.5-hour drive on a donut tire and through a blinding snowstorm is over. A day spent ghost-towning — mostly fruitlessly — lasted three hours longer than it should have. When I jumped back onto the Trans-Canada Highway, exiting the former town known as Alderson,… Continue reading One long day

Let no good deed …

Go unrecognized. Unless you consider getting your name on these pages punishment. Then we can go with the original saying. Some people think all I do is complain. That’s just not true. I also don’t consider it complaining when I’m standing up for myself and the hard-earned money I spend. But enough about me. This… Continue reading Let no good deed …