Back to schools

Nothing lasted very long in Lamoine … or Arup. Unless you want to talk about the schoolhouse. It’s still standing after 100 years. Long after Arup was platted. Long after Arup became Lamoine. And long after Lamoine became deserted when the railroad took a pass on the little town. [av_image src=’×581.jpg’ attachment=’4997′ attachment_size=’large’ align=’center’ styling=”… Continue reading Back to schools

A new friend

And one angry, worried husband. I can’t really say that I blame him. My adventures have gotten me into trouble. There was the time I blew a tire (hey, where did all the pictures on that post go?) and there was the time I backed into a deep ditch of snow.

Rebuilding the past

“Hey, did you hear about the brothel?” “The what?” “We found what we think might have been a brothel, upstairs from City Hall.” “That’s pretty cool.” “Do you want to see it?”

The stories behind the buildings of Tranquille

I love a good story. Tim McLeod, development manager of Tranquille Farm Fresh, tells one. Or two. As a pickup truck pulled our wagon around the old streets of the Tranquille settlement, McLeod took the scattered threads of the area’s history and wove them into a colourful quilt. There’s the one about how Tranquille got… Continue reading The stories behind the buildings of Tranquille

A quick drive around Saltese Flats

I watch too many episodes of Criminal Minds. And I remember too well the creepy ones with plots centring around the Spokane, Wash., area. You know … there was the one with the brothers who played a hunting game … with people. <shudder> So, when an older fella kindly offered me the opportunity yesterday to… Continue reading A quick drive around Saltese Flats