Do you see enough?

I try to take a 360-degree approach when I’m out exploring and taking pictures. I take some shots of what I see, then turn and turn and turn, making sure I don’t miss anything. Some places draw me back for more. Dorothy, the Atlas Mine and Rawley are my Alberta favourites. I’m keeping a mental… Continue reading Do you see enough?

Autumn in the Okanogan

This is my favourite time of year for shooting. I’m always excited by the bright reds, yellows and oranges against a brilliant blue sky. Since I moved back to B.C. temporarily, I’ve passed by this lake countless times, en route to Spokane or Omak to visit My American. We spent last weekend in Omak with… Continue reading Autumn in the Okanogan

The other ghost town named Bodie

Bodie is a popular ghost town in California. It’s a state historic park and it’s known as the most well-perserved ghost town in the state. Bodie, Calif., is on my bucket list. So when someone mentioned recently they’d been for a day drive to Bodie, I got confused. (If you’re a regular reader of our… Continue reading The other ghost town named Bodie