Rainy day

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? Cheesy, I know. I catch myself singing it to Bella all the time. Because she’s gorgeous.

Take your best shot

Times change. Now that I have that cliché out of the way … Back in the day, we had to get accredited to take a camera into a concert. We’d wear our dorky press passes around our necks and lug any amount of gear into the arena, entering through a door reserved for VIPs.

Autumn in the Okanogan

This is my favourite time of year for shooting. I’m always excited by the bright reds, yellows and oranges against a brilliant blue sky. Since I moved back to B.C. temporarily, I’ve passed by this lake countless times, en route to Spokane or Omak to visit My American. We spent last weekend in Omak with… Continue reading Autumn in the Okanogan

New favourite app: One second of awesome every day

A couple of months ago, I attended a networking event in Kelowna and the group was discussing the impact of design on everyday life. But one young designer took it to another level. He steered the conversation into the difference between letting our technology guide our lives or making a very conscious choice to design… Continue reading New favourite app: One second of awesome every day

Where’s the gold?

What do you plan on doing in Oroville? No U.S. border guard asks this question without an eyebrow raised and a hint of surprise in his voice. Most people who cross the 49th parallel at Osoyoos-Oroville are bound for other places … Spokane, Seattle and beyond. For me and my American, however, it’s our halfway… Continue reading Where’s the gold?