Today is my last day driving for a couple weeks. My B.C. registration and insurance expire at midnight, and I’m not ready to be a full Washingtonian just yet. Oh, I’m ready ready but I don’t have all my ducks in a row, which feels strange for me. I went to the local SSA office… Continue reading Grounded

Fill yer boots, b’y

It was a triumphant moment in our relationship. We were bunking out at my brother’s house in St. John, N.B., for the night. He and his daughters were in Ottawa but left us a key to get in. I texted him: “Do you mind if we do a load of laundry while we’re here?” The… Continue reading Fill yer boots, b’y

We aren’t that bad

Oh, Calgary. We have a bit of a complex, don’t we? We’re shamed regularly, whether it’s on Twitter or in the news. We don’t use our signal lights. We do rolling stops at stop signs. We speed like our lives depend on shaving 30 seconds of our ETA. We can’t let go of our mobiles,… Continue reading We aren’t that bad

Have dog, will travel

The road was our home for almost three weeks. We embarked upon a journey to the east coast early in July. Initially, we had this crazy idea to camp along the way. Then we came to our senses. It would be tough enough managing sleep and meal needs for long drives. We sure didn’t need… Continue reading Have dog, will travel