Take it out back

We are a complaining society. We are a whining,┬ásniveling┬ábunch of crybabies. There isn’t a day go by that I don’t see #FML (eff my life, for the uninitiated) in my Twitter feed or on Facebook. I’ve unfollowed or unfriended people for their incessant complaining. But lately, it seems to be everywhere … even in my… Continue reading Take it out back

Roaming around

I had to learn my lesson the hard way. The first time I came to Spokane (yes, I’m here right now), I racked up $1,000 in roaming data charges. I was with Bell, lo, those (almost) three years ago. Bell called me on Monday and said ‘um, hey, do you know what you did?’ My… Continue reading Roaming around

What to wear?

I don’t know! This is the problem. I don’t even know what not to wear. I mean, how can I possibly parade myself in front of the fashionable crowd of Calgary without knowing what not to wear. How could I possibly show up at a Clinton Kelly affair, Styling Your Life, without knowing what to… Continue reading What to wear?

Shoepalooza 2011

Oh, calm down. They’re just shoes. I know, I know. I said that. OK, OK, how about ‘it’s just a shoe sale.’ No, that didn’t sound right either. So about this: Girls, it’s time for the freaking Army & Navy Annual Shoe Blowout. Panic, drop everything, stand in line, beat each other up and, for… Continue reading Shoepalooza 2011

It’s a dude’s life

This is an important lesson. Just because something is free, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Take today, for example. A couple of weeks ago, I won tickets to the Holt Renfrew spring fashion show. I took my fashionista friend Chelsea, we got all dolled up and we had a great dream, watching in… Continue reading It’s a dude’s life

Shopping socially

An interesting phenomenon is sweeping across Calgary. I suppose some might call it social shopping. The trouble is, some people aren’t being very social about it. A number of cost-savings opportunities are cropping up, from Living Social to Groupon and the Canadian-operated Steal the Deal. Others exist, I just can’t remember their names. I’ve partaken… Continue reading Shopping socially