Take your best shot

Times change. Now that I have that cliché out of the way … Back in the day, we had to get accredited to take a camera into a concert. We’d wear our dorky press passes around our necks and lug any amount of gear into the arena, entering through a door reserved for VIPs.

Looking back

I kept getting an error message on my phone. Low storage. I had to clear up space somehow. Without deleting valuable apps (and shaking my first at HTC for its bloatware), I knew I had to do one thing. Delete pictures.

Twitter: is it still optional in communications?

You seem to like Twitter a lot. Should it be part of our communications strategy? It was a question posed to me during a recent job interview. Many of my friends should be surprised to hear I responded ‘not really.’ The company for which I was interviewing is based in a smaller city, one where… Continue reading Twitter: is it still optional in communications?

Getting the cold shoulder on Twitter

Imagine for a moment that you’re looking for a specific item. You approach the salesperson in your favourite store or boutique and ask, “Do you have any navy pencil skirts?” The salesperson responds: “All of our skirts are on the second floor. Just go up those stairs.” That doesn’t feel very helpful, does it? You… Continue reading Getting the cold shoulder on Twitter

Just one day

In 2009, I started a Christmas tradition for myself. Some might call it “quirky.” Others might call it “old-fashioned.” You might even want to tell me to get with it, because “social media doesn’t take a day off.” All I ask is that for one day — Christmas Day to be exact — I don’t… Continue reading Just one day

Kamloops Fire Rescue needs your Facebook love

They’re so close. So close. Kamloops Fire Rescue needs — at the time I hit Publish — just 33 Likes to hit 1,315 Likes on its Facebook page by New Year’s Eve. What’s the big deal? KFR is in a race to get 1,000 new Likes, meeting a challenge by the Kamloops McDonald’s franchises. In… Continue reading Kamloops Fire Rescue needs your Facebook love