Autumn in the Okanogan

This is my favourite time of year for shooting.

I’m always excited by the bright reds, yellows and oranges against a brilliant blue sky.

Since I moved back to B.C. temporarily, I’ve passed by this lake countless times, en route to Spokane or Omak to visit My American. We spent last weekend in Omak with Bella, our seven-month-old Maremma sheepdog.

The lake again caught my eye on a day trip to Oroville. It was surrounded by trees losing their leafy green colour and the water was so calm, it could have been mistaken for a mirror.

On the way back to Kelowna on Sunday, I stopped.

The closeup view didn’t disappoint.

okanogan autumn washington

It’s only on research about Crumbacher Lake that I learn it’s private property. According to one fishing forum, the owner had it open to public access but he got tired of dolts messing it up with garbage and destruction.

Who could want to ruin such a perfect piece of paradise so close to the highway?

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