Brag post

I love my legs.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before.

I don’t care.

They’re strong and they’re powerful.

And they can withstand almost any punishment I force them to endure.

Today, I put a seventh plate on each side of the leg press and pushing 675 lb. for three reps. I damn near bit my tongue off on the last rep.

That was after doing my squats, on which I hit 285 lb. for my final two sets, two reps each.

I sent the picture to Twitpic and my buddy Darren responded: ‘That is crazy good … and impressive. Most guys don’t do move that weight.’

Since my shoulder was declared ready to go last week, I’ve been going back at the gym hard. I’m seeing results already. Not that you might see them but I can … or at least feel them.

And that’s what is most important to me … feeling stronger and healthier.

It may, however, not been the best idea to take Shep on a five-kilometre walk right after. I’m bagged.

But it feels so good.

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