C2H: Our first hike

“Are you going to start hiking again,” someone asked when she learned of Bella’s addition to the family.

When Shep’s old age started to creep up on us, our hikes in the Rocky Mountains became short strolls in the lowlands. We couldn’t do extended days to the Ink Lakes anymore.

We had to stick to lazy days at Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka, always sticking close to water for quick cooldowns.

Puppies are different.

Puppies have a lot of energy to burn.

They’re great adventurers, sniffing every tree and poking their noses in every nook and cranny.

So, the answer is yes, we’ll be going back to hiking, sticking close to home for a bit since Bella has to adjust to truck rides first.

Bella went on her first hike at Bear Creek yesterday, a 2.5-kilometre loop with a 100-metre elevation gain. It doesn’t sound like much, and the well-maintained trail has a few sets of stairs to make it even easier.

We attempted some off-leash time and she responded to callback … once. The next time, we had a bit of a chase game and she spent the rest of the time on leash.

She’s unsure of water, although I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it soon.

And her legs are just a tiny bit too short for going up the stairs, just yet.

That won’t last.

She has some big paws to grow into.

Bear Creek gallery

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