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I threw a couple questions out to my @that_angela followers and to the @WldHockeySummit followers. Women’s hockey has been the hot topic today.

Here’s what you think:

Do you care about women’s hockey any time other than the Olympics?

No, I don’t – Two teams dominate. Think of it like the “Dream Team” though in BBall. The world caught up to them and now chall. ~ @hockeycardshow

yes, if there were a pro league and prime time TV coverage. ~ @Primlar

not really, but partly due to lack of coverage any other time ~ @doug_springer

I do care, but I need to follow it more. I’d love to see a WNHL. ~ @mhaberecht

yes there are lots of us that care! ~ @helke22

I do and I don’t. I’m supportive of my g/f playing the sport Outside North America I don’t see it developing enough to grow ~ @NaughtyDog95

Given that the talent level outside the US and Canada is pretty low, no. It’s not even competitive anymore. @azvibesports

I think it’s great to offer girlswomen chance to play & have teams but I don’t think it should be a pro or Olympic thing. @icesjb

Would you support a professional women’s ice hockey league?

With CHL, NHL, AHL flooding the air ways in Canada, no I don’t see myself watching. What about a summer league? ~ @hockeycardshow

Don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely would. ~ @SubtleLikeSeabs

Answer: Yes. If there was a women’s pro team in Ottawa I guarantee @amy_boughner and I would get season tickets. ~ @joeboughner

yes, honestly I would. Something similar to the NHL. International competition is awful for women, so, if its home grown yes 🙂 ~ @dantric

Yes, I’d support one wholeheartedly & I went to my fair share of X-Treme games when they were in #yyc. ~ @ToriePeterson

I would love to see women get into the NHL and have development leagues all the way to highest level. ~ @ladyneat

Conceptually, absolutely! In practice, I don’t know…never went to an Xtreme game. ~ @Rhiannon

support my 13 year old who plays, but not sure I would pay to see a women’s game..then again don’t pay to see NHL either ~ @jriddall

No, sorry. Love the Olympics and the Worlds but wouldn’t follow a league. ~ @mlse

Would love to see them try it. ~ @BackyardHockey

Absolutely, yes. ~ @JuggernautSport


I did when it was in Vancouver (WWHL/NWHL) ~ @canadagraphs

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