From the archives: High River before the floods

Way way back in 2010, I was still playing slopitch.

I had, however, started to nurture my newer hobbies: photography and exploring. They were becoming more important to me than sitting at the Okotoks ball diamonds and drinking beer in between tournament games.
Maremma sheepdogAnd it’s when I started to develop a love for the smaller communities that surround the city of Calgary.

So, my heart sank upon hearing the entire town of High River had to be evacuated two weeks ago, thanks to the flood waters. Residents have been allowed to trickle back this week, some only to view the damage done to their homes.

The images I saw online and on my TV screen made me want to remember High River as it was — and as it will be again.

June 2010
One of the many murals that mark High River’s downtown:
Building mural

Museum of the Highwood, which is on the Canadian Register of Historic Places:
High River train station

Train bridge at the north end of town:

Grass growing near a train bridge

August 2010
Sheep River at Hogg Park:

Museum of the Highwood, after the fire of July 2010
burned out roof of old train station

Foot bridge at George Lane Memorial Park:
foot bridge over a creek

St. Benedict Anglican Church:
Anglican church

See the full photo album on the Facebook page for Our Great Escape.


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