Is Alfie retiring?

He’ll be 42 when the Sochi Winter Olympics roll around.

And he won’t be there.

Daniel Alfredsson says we probably won’t see him on the Swedish hockey roster at the next Olympic games.

“You never say never but, first of all, I have to still be playing,” says the Ottawa Senators team captain. “Second of all, I have to be playing at a high level to make the team.

“That’s very, very far-fetched.”

Does that mean retirement from pro hockey is around the corner?

“I hope I have a few more years,” he says. “Obviously, health is a big, big issue. The one thing I have going for me is that I still love the game. I still love going to the rink.”

“Hopefully, that will carry me through a few more years.”

That said, Alfredsson says the NHL needs to be at the Olympics to help grow the game of hockey.

“It’s something our fans deserve to see,” he says. “There are hurdles we need to get by but the Olympics are bigger than that. We have to find a way to get everybody on the same page.”

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