Picture fun time

Let’s get one thing straight right off the hop.

Instagram sucks.

For picture quality.

The filters do nothing to create a ‘great’ photo. On most occasions, they ruin a decent photo … as decent as one can take with her phone (ahem … my pretty new Samsung Galaxy SII is an 8MP; that’s even better than my old Nikon D40 DSLR).


Shep at Crowsnest Pass with no filter:

Shep with some lame soft filter:

Pretty Spokane flowering tree blown out by some other lame filter:

Here’s the funny part of it all: I freakin’ love Instagram and its lame filters.

I know. Now you’re confused.

This little photo app used to be an Apple exclusive. I kept seeing friends like Chelsea posting to Instagram post Picture Fun Time to Facebook and Twitter and seethe with a tiny bit of jealousy.

Meanwhile, I’m an Android girl. I had to email a picture to Twitpic, then open the picture up all over again and share it to Facebook.

Twice the time, half the fun.

In March, Instagram announced it was getting ready to release an Android version.

Yippee skippy!

I signed up for the email alert so I could be an early adopter … OK, as early as any Androider could be. After all, all those Apple snobs were already ensconced (and many, might I add, were totally bitter about their new-found Instaholic friends).

The app was released early morning, April 3. I waited patiently until I got home, knowing  I promised on another blog platform that Shep would be a star.

Taking pictures with a phone is different than with my big heavy Nikon gear — and don’t ever let anyone tell you it isn’t.

It’s not the creative release I find when I’m hunting abandoned cars and old barns.

It’s candid. It’s goofy. I add filters and destroy pictures in ways that I never would on Photoshop.

People take pictures of their adorable pets, their dinner, their shoes and themselves.

Guilty, guilty, guilty and guilty.

It adds another layer — a subset, if you will — to the community of wonderful people I’ve found on Twitter. We “like” and comment on each other’s photos, when they otherwise might get lost in the vacuum of noise.

And it’s easy.

It’s one share, one time, hitting both Facebook and Twitter.

Twice the fun, half the time.


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